Checking Your Outgoing Voice Signal Quality

Voice quality indicator

The bar graph to the left of the voice meter at the bottom of the Heads Up Display (HUD) provides an indication of how external factors have an impact on your voice quality. (1)

Number Voice quality Voice quality indicator icon
1 System icon `
2 Excellent quality  
3 Fair quality  
4 Poor quality  
5 Very poor quality  

When voice quality is good, the bar graph indicator is green in color and displays the full set of five bars or rows. (2)

If there are network problems or your computer is extremely busy, the bar graph might display fewer bars. For example, if the wireless signal strength is low, the indicator might display only three bars and it might turn yellow to warn you that the network is not quite good enough to provide perfectly clear voice. (3)

With very bad network conditions, the indicator might display two bars or one bar and turn red. In this situation voice quality is typically quite poor and it might even be hard or impossible to understand what is being said. (4 or 5) 

If network conditions are exceptionally bad, AvayaLive™ Engage might disconnect the audio connection between your computer and the AvayaLive™ Engage server. If this disconnection happens, AvayaLive™ Engage attempts to recover the connection. This recovery typically takes a few seconds, and during this time you cannot hear other users and they cannot hear you. If AvayaLive™ Engage is unable to recover voice automatically, you might still be able to recover the voice by right-clicking in the environment and selecting My Voice > Reset

If AvayaLive™ Engage is still unable to recover voice, try exiting all running instances of the application, wait for 15 seconds, and then relogin to the application.

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