Canvas: Enabling Turnitin for Existing Assignments

This guide explains how to enable Turnitin for an existing assignment in Canvas. Step 8 lists the settings recommended by Distance Education.

Enabling Turnitin for an existing assignment in Canvas

Step 1: Go to the assignment settings (click on assignment link then "Edit").
"Display Grade as" can be set to any type except "Not Graded":

Display grade as any grade type except Not Graded

Step 2: For Submission Type, Select "External tool"

Step 3: Click inside "External Tool URL" box to bring up the list of LTI tools (list does not appear if you don't click inside that box)

Step 4: Select "Turnitin LTI API" then the URL field will be automatically populated.


***Step 5: Select "Load in a new Tab" to make sure that students working with smaller screens can see the submit button on the document preview page.

If the "Load in a new tab" option is not selected, some students may experience difficulty when uploading their files due to display problems.(See explanation here:

Step 6: Click on the "Update assignment" button, then go to the "Settings" tab

Step 7: Enter instructions for assignment, set the start and due dates (please make sure this is the due date you set for the Canvas assignment):

Step 8: Click on Optional settings to further customize Turnitin settings.

We recommend that you check all three sources for student submissions to be compared against, and allow students to view the Originality Reports, but do not store their papers in Turnitin database if you think students need to submit revisions or different versions of the same paper.

Step 9: Don't forget to "Submit" your changes on the Settings tab!  (if you navigate away without submitting the changes, it won't alert you)


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