How to Log in to Second Life

Login to Second Life

Step 1

Open the software you just installed and you will see the Second Life login interface. The background picture might be different from the one you see below. Don’t worry about it.

Enter your username and password at the bottom left of the screen. Then click on Log in.

 SL Log In

Step 2

The first time you login to Second Life, you will see a Terms of Service window on your screen. Read the Terms of Services carefully, click on “I Agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” check box, and then click on the Continue button.

SL Terms of Service

Step 3

You will arrive at your first stop in Second Life, which is the Help Island. The island is designed to help you understand and use the interface to move around and communicate with people. You might see other avatars there. They are all representations of people accessing the Second Life. Please walk your way through the help tutorials on the island to familiar yourself with Second Life.


SL Welcome Screen 


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