How to find SBMI's Virtual Campus in Second Life

How to Get There

This article assumes, you have been familiar with the basic functions of Second Life, such as walking and running. The next step is to visit the island where your classes will be held – the School of Biomedical Informatics, UT-H Island.

SBMI virtual campus is open to the public as of Fall 2014, thus you can find this island through searching or on the Second Life map. 


There are several ways to get to our campus:

  1. Simply click on the url below and it will open a map in a web browser window showing where our island is, click the "Teleport" button on the map and your Second Life client will launch and after you log in you will arrive at the SBMI virtual campus:
  2. In the Second Life client window there's an address bar at the top of the window.  Click inside this address bar to select all, and then type in "UTHSC Houston I" and hit the return key and you will be teleported to the SBMI virtual campus.

  3. In the Second Life client, bring up the search window by clicking the Search icon on screen that looks like: . When the search window comes up, enter "SBMI" in the search text field and hit return. SBMI virtual campus should be the top result. Click this item to expand it, and then click the "Teleport" button to be transported to the SBMI virtual campus.



Once You Arrive

      What’s the first thing you need to do on the island? Please set Home to here. So, next time, you do not need to wait till your instructor to teleport you. Instead, you can teleport yourself here by yourself. To set the island as your home, go to the top of your screen and from the menu bar, choose 
World -> Set Home to Here.

You are all set! Next time if you want to visit the island, you can just choose World -> Teleport Home from the menu bar and you will land on the island.

Again, welcome to second life. We hope you enjoy your learning journey here.


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