FERPA Considerations for Classroom Recordings

If SBMI staff is helping you record your class (face to face class with students) using WizIQ or Cattura, it is important to realize that there is a potential problem if students appear in the recordings.

Recordings of students are considered educational records under FERPA. The way Vimeo (our current video portal) stores recordings is not FERPA compliant so you must either:

  • Have written permission from students who appear in the recording prior to posting (see sample permission form below), or
  • Not show students in an identifiable way.

Students that don’t wish to appear in a recording  must have the same experience as students willing to be recorded, so requesting that they not ask questions, or must sit in certain seats is not appropriate. You also cannot require that a student be recorded as part of an assignment.

Audio from students is not a problem if they don’t identify themselves. If the camera in a classroom is set up to record just the instructor, a question from a student is not a FERPA violation.

Students should be aware that a recording is being made. Signs will be posted in many of the classrooms equipped with a camera, but informing them of your intent to record lectures should be done in the syllabus, and in lecture.

A FERPA compliant Student Consent form is attached to this article for your use. It is best to get students to sign a blanket consent for ALL classes at the beginning of the semester rather than sign one for each and every class instance.

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