Can I change my University e-mail address?

Your e-mail address is automatically generated from your information contained in the personnel, student, staff, and/or guest databases. Changes have to be made in those databases first in order to constitute an email name change. To instigate a name change within those databases please do one of the following:

Employees & Guest Accounts: User needs to have the supervisor or sponsor submit a PA (Public Action) request form. After the name has been changed within the database please call the Helpdesk at 713-486-4848.

Students need to contact the Registrar's office at 713-500-3361 to get their name changed within the MyUTH system. After a successful name change has occurred please call the Helpdesk at 713-486-4848 to put in a request that your email be changed.

NOTE: UT ID (ex. jsmith23) will NOT change and cannot be changed. Names must reflect LEGAL names, email addresses cannot contain NICKNAMES. Any other questions regarding name changes please contact the Helpdesk at 713-486-4848.

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