How Do I Schedule a Session for an Office Hour?

    1. Navigate to:
    2. Log in with your university e mail address as your login.
    3. Click "Schedule a Meeting" Button to create a new session.
    4. Select date and time for the session.
    5. If you are going to have co-presenters (They need to have GotoMeeting Presenter accounts) enter their e mail addresses
    6. Click Save
    7. Copy the Meeting details that include the url for the meeting.
    8. Send Meeting Details to participants.
    9. As the organizer of the meeting, you or a co-organizer has to start the meeting at or before the scheduled time otherwise your participants will not be able to enter the meeting area -- they will be kept in a waiting queue until organizer arrives.


For more information and instructions on how to schedule a meeting please review the documentation at the following link:


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