Latest Update on Browser and Platform Compatibility - December 2015

Remaining and potential issues:

For PC users:

  1. Chrome browser 45 and later versions no longer work with AvayaLive Engage plugin. Solution: use a different browser such as Firefox and IE

For Mac users:

  1. Mac Yosemite users must have the latest Flash version for text chat to work.
  2. There are some older Macs that may refuse to install the Avaya Plugin.
    If this happens please go to Apple->About this Mac->Click System Report and copy paste the contents of the window into an e mail and send it to and let us know.
  3. For Mac Yosemite, Chrome is still NOT working.  Yosemite users must use a different browser such as Safari or Firefox.


Note that for most systems, the AvayaLive Engage client will be auto-updated.  The updates will take a couple of minutes.  If the update fails, one has to remove the old client and then re-install it.

Please direct users to send tickets to if they encounter any issue (preferably well before the event).

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