Proctorio Shield in Chrome Address bar is Yellow or Red

Please ALWAYS use Chrome to access quizzes and exams in Canvas.


As a student at SBMI taking online courses, we ask you to be vigilant about checking the status of your proctoring plugin (Proctorio) in Chrome.

  • Proctorio plugin for Chrome is configured to auto update therefore most of the time it is not necessary for you as a student to update Proctorio. However sometimes Chrome and Proctorio may get out synch and the following may happen:


Student logs into Canvas, accesses one of their courses. The Proctorio Shield in the Address bar is red or yellow instead of gray:


This means that either your Proctorio plug has failed to update and is now out of date or it was installed improperly. Usually this problem should correct itself if you do the following:

  1. Quit out of Chrome. 
  2. Relaunch Chrome and navigate back to the same Canvas course.


If the problem persist please follow the steps below to fix the problem:

  1. Please follow the instructions at this URL to uninstall Proctorio Plugin:
  2. Re-Install Proctorio plug in using the instructions provided in the orientation materials in Canvas:
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