How to setup UTH-Share


  1. To signup, go here - (Links to an external site.).
  2. Click on the top button ‘Signup now’.
  3. Log in with your LDAP credentials, and then create your very own *Google* UTH-Share password. This password is not related to your UTHealth and should not be the same.
  4. When logging into Google Drive, please remember that username will be in the format
  5. Google has the Google drive app which is available on both Mac, and Windows. This app allows you to sync documents from your desktop to your Google drive. To download the the app:
  • Log into UTH-Share Google Drive
  • click on the ‘cog wheel’ icon
  • click on ‘Download Drive’

There is a limit of 156GBs total storage for each UTHealth user. 



Google Docs – this is an online word processor that lets you create and format text documents and collaborate with other people in real time. Please note that documents you create with Google app will not have a cache version on your desktops/laptops. That is you must be online to access the document.

Google Sheets – same as above but for spreadsheets

Google Slides – same as Google Docs but for presentations

Google Groups – allows you to create your own group for easy communication and collaboration

Google Sites – create simplified websites or intranets to work together with UTHealth colleagues on projects, share multiple attachments from your computer or Drive (i.e Google Docs, Google Calendar) and create new free-form content. Google offers many templates that you can choose from OR you can create your own.

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