Canvas Mobile App for Android and iOS

Canvas provides mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. 

SBMI students are more than welcome to download and install and use these mobile apps for accessing SBMI courses while they're on the go. The mobile apps provide useful reminders / banners etc on mobile devices helping you keep track of announcements, upcoming assignments, deadlines.


DO NOT use the mobile apps for submitting assignments, and/or taking quizzes and exams. You will not be able to properly take a quiz or test using your mobile device because Proctorio, our remote proctoring software, does not support mobile devices. 


Once you download and install the Canvas mobile app, you will be prompted to enter your school's name. Please don't enter our full name, instead just type "UTH" and our instance of Canvas should come up immediately. 


You will be directed to a login page that looks very similar to the one in a typical web browser on your computer. Please enter your login and password credentials and after authenticated you will be logged into the UTH Canvas from your mobile device.


Think of your mobile Canvas App as a quick reminder, a quick browser, and a tool for accessing readings and videos while on the go. 


If you have any questions or problems with the mobile apps please e mail with a clear description of what you're trying to do and what error message you are getting.




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