How do I create video using Panopto Recorder on a PC?

1. Select a folder

Select the correct folder to upload your video or select Record Offline to upload later:



2. Choose your input settings

You can choose to record your slides, share your screen, and/or record a video using your webcam. 


Note: You can select a slide presentation off your computer to record from the tab labeled Power Point.


3.  Start and Stop Recording

After selecting settings, hit Record to begin taping:


fire-icon-1.png HOTKEYS!

To avoid seeing the Panopto dialog box in your recording, use the following shortcut keys on Windows systems:

Start Recording: F8 key

Pause Recording: F9 key

Stop Recording: F10 key (Links to an external site.)


4.  Edit Recording

A. Under Recording Status tab, select Manage My Recordings to launch your Panopto Library and editor:

Note: Editing is not currently supported in Chrome!  Please use Mozilla or Safari to edit. 


B. Additionally, from UTHealth Panopto Library (Links to an external site.), you can select Edit to launch the Panopto Editor (editing is browser-based; no download or installation required):



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