Getting Started: How do I install Panopto Recorder on a PC?

In a Canvas course, locate Panopto Recorder in the left-hand navigation.  (Note: If Panopto Recorder is not visible, go to Settings > Navigation, and drag the Panopto Recorder link from the bottom bank into to top bank to enable Panopto Recorder. See Canvas Navigation Guide



Step 2.  

After selecting Panopto Recorder (1), the Canvas Panopto window will appear (shown below).  Select the appropriate Installer for your machine - either Mac or PC (2) to run installation of the Panopto Recorder Application on your computer.

Panopto_Setup 1.png


Step 3.

Once the installer opens, select Save File.


Step 4.

Open the Install file from your Downloads folder (may look slightly different on your machine). 

Panopto_Setup 3.png


Step 5.

Allow the installer to Run.


Step 6.

Choose a location on your hard drive for Panopto to save recordings, then select Next.

Panopto_Setup 5.png



Step 7.

Once you've selected your preferences, select Install to save the Panopto Recorder Application to your machine.




Step 8.

After Panopto Recorder is installed, sign into the application using Login with UTHealth Canvas Server



Step 9.

Panopto will direct you to the UTHealth Canvas login.  Login using your LDAP username and password (same as your Canvas login).


Step 10.

After logging in, you can now Create recordings within Canvas. 

Panopto_Setup 9.png


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