Getting Started: How do I install Panopto Recorder on a Mac?

Step 1.

In Canvas, select Panopto Recordings. 


Step 2.  

If the launch screen below doesn't automatically appear, select Create > Record a New Session.  You will need to Download Installer for Mac (2).  Select Download Installer OS X 10.8 and up:

Panopto_Setup 1.png


Step 3.

In your Downloads folder (access using Finder on Macs), find and double click to open the Panopto Recorder.pkg installation package. 

Panopto_MacInstall 1.png


Step 4.

Continue through steps in the Install Panopto Recorder window.

Panopto_MacInstall 2.png

Panopto_MacInstall 3.png

Enter your system password to complete Installation, and Close the window once complete.

Panopto_MacInstall 5.png


Step 5. 

You should now see the Panopto Recorder application in your Applications folder (access through Finder on Macs).  Double-click to open:

Panopto_MacInstall 6.png


Step 6. 

If you are not immediately logged in, you will need to select Log in

Panopto_MacInstall 7.png


Step 7. 

From the Providers: field, select UTHealth Canvas Server from the drop-down menu:

Panopto_MacInstall 8.png

Inside the Panopto Recorder screen, you will be directed to UTHealth's Canvas login, where you can enter your LDAP username and password.


Step 8.

You should now be logged in and ready to record.  If you want to create a recording from within a Canvas course, navigate to Panopto Recordings tab in the left-hand menu, then Create > Record a New Session.   This will launch the Panopto Recorder application.

 Panopto_MacInstall 9.png

Select Remember my choice for all links of this type and then Launch Application to skip the External Protocol Request in the future:

Panopto_MacInstall 10.png

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