How do I create a video using Panopto Recorder on a Mac?

*Note: Ensure you log into the UTHealth Canvas Server using your LDAP User ID and Password*



1. Select a folder

Select the correct folder to upload your video or select Record Offline to upload later:



2. Choose your input settings

You can choose to record your slides, share your screen, and/or record a video using your webcam. 


Note: Panopto can detect and record slide presentations using Keynote on Macs.  



3.  Start and Stop Recording

After selecting settings, hit Record to begin taping:



To avoid seeing the Panopto dialog box in your recording, use the following shortcut keys on Mac systems:

Start Recording: Cmd+Option+R 

Pause Recording: Cmd+Option+P

Stop Recording: Cmd+Option+R



4.  Edit Recording

A. Once you finish recording, you can see video status in the Panopto Recorder queue.  If a video was recorded Offline, upload it to a folder in order to enable editing. 

Note: Editing is not currently supported in Chrome!  Please use Mozilla or Safari to edit. 


Once your video is uploaded to a Panopto course folder, you can launch the Panopto editor (web application) by selecting your video then selecting Edit:



B. Additionally you can launch the editor from the UTHealth Panopto Library (Links to an external site.), by selecting Edit (editing is browser-based; no download or installation required):



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